Lila Rose - Heart Machine

"What?  What are you afraid of, girl?  Y’know what, what you’re missin out on?  Cause I- I’m one in a million, girl."

Lila Rose is a musician, a poet, animal rights and environmental activist, and a bad ass femme Queer living in Bay Area, CA.  Her style is a stickyicky cinematic hybrid between trip-hop, electronica, and indie.  Yum.  She’s been featured on Autostraddle and BaebleMusic, and she’s frequently (and currently) #1 on the SF Alternative chart on Reverb Nation.  We’re so so proud of this creation, and keep a lookout, she’s werkin on her second full album, and wildly exciting things are a’brewin!  

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Richard Wells - A Wonderful Thing
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A Wonderful Thing - Richard Wells from Being Human


A Wonderful Thing | Richard Wells

One of the greatest works I’ve ever heard. 

I still don’t understand how this piece of music is so beautiful.

I love the occasional accidentals in the violin tune and just… it’s a perfect piece, and the emotions are so intense. It makes me feel love and sadness and saying goodbye, but something amazing and new as well. And I love it.

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Gaggle - Hello Spider
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Hello Spider - Gaggle from From The Mouth Of The Cave

I love this song so much. I’d always thought it was about fears, and facing them.

saying “Hello spider” is confronting your fears!

Specifically, the start ‘no way I’ll change’ - they won’t change how scared she is, they will always stay scared and sad, unable to face their fear.

Then the low voiced part ‘scared of the darkness, scared of the spider…’ is Gaggle telling her to get over it by almost teasing her and talking about her? idk.

 But then the violin section is a transformation for her and the final chorus, from the rising ‘ah’s is her facing her fear and the words ‘no way we’ll change’ is meaning not changing back to being afraid.

It’s about anxiety and fear. A wise lady told me that sometimes you just have to say hello to things you are scared of.